I went with guntram and Joey to the start of the kitesurftrophy in dahme for letting people test and kiting by ourself.
After arriving really late i was motivated to hit the water frieday morning.
Some turns in the flat area with the 12- it runs.
Then i drove a bit out and immediatly wind turned to complete offshore and dropped down.
All my effords to come back to the beach didn´t work and after one our a freindy jetski driver came and brought me back to the beach. After dahme didn´t seemed to be the right spot we drove to großenbrode and later to gold were we had a super session into sunset with 15-25 knots. At the evening it was dancing into mai.
Satzrday conditions were the same so we were nearly the whole day in Gold just with less wind.
Sunday was then not enough wind so we drove early home.