I managed it! I´m Gearman Champion in KLB Race. I´d like to thank my sponsors, especially Peter Lynn, for making me possible to reach this goal.
But let´s go two days back first. It´s Friday evening, continuous raining, and I´m driving, despite of the horrible weather forecast, to Wanlo. Nevertheless everybody is in a good mood and we have a nice opening party.
The next day starts with a weather wonder. It stops to rain and some wind comes up, so that freestyle can be started. I´ve picked no easy batch with Lennart van Schuilenberg and was kicked out in my first heat of the singles, after I had no time to make a warm up ride. Luckily it didn´t stayed like that, in the double elimination I won 5 heats, this time even against Lennart, and just had
to abandon the field in the half final against the German champ Yannick. Saturday evening the Freestyle winners were rewarded. In the weekendranking in became 4th, and 3rd German. In the Overall rank I ended on the 5th place behind team mate Romain, and 4th German. Congrats to the Winners Yannick, Emmanuel and Joey!
Afterwards was, as always in Wanlo, the party way celebrated.
Sunday the weather luck was overstrunged, and in fact of low winds and rain no race could be started at all. But I could figure out in the Test rounds, that also the Speed 21 is no risk for me.
The Race Tour Winners were rewarded, after I won all Stops I had a serious lead before Pascal(3rd) and Yannick(2nd) and am now German Champion.

Fotos from Maik Schmidt, incredible Rainer Keller /4image.tv and me.