Two weeks fun in the Alps

Happy new Year!

The evening of the 26th we packed pascals car to the gills and drove, as every year, to the Berninapass in Swiss for Snowkiting. The Valley welcomed us with -20°, but sun and wind, so we went direct after unpacking the car to the lake and after a proper kitesession we finally hit the pillow.

The next two days were the Swiss SKA Races on our Plan. On the first day was just one race started, which was canceled because of too less wind. The second day were in low till moderate winds 5 races held, which is quite sportive when you´re not used to the thin mountain air.

But my efforts were rewarded and I finished on the 3rd place in Boardrace.

With a clear sky and sun every day and just one day calmness we had good luck with the weather and had much fun and epic sessions on the lake and in the backcountry on the other Bernina.

Just strong wind beyond 15 knots was absent.

With my super funny roommates and all the other kiters in the hotel we had much fun on new years eve and the other evenings.

The 2nd I had to go in much trafficjams out of the alps and into the alps again.

For skiing holidays in Austria with my Family, with much fun and great weather as well, just with not that much Snow as on the Bernina.

What a crazy season

The last year was a success is several ways and just great!

It started with a new Sponsor, Peter Lynn and later Pentax.

I set my sportive goals, Winning the KLB Tour in Race, Reach the top 10 at the Buggyworldcup and enter the Podium at a Buggyevent, and reached it. It´s always a good feeling when you reach your objectives.

I was more on Tour then ever before in one Year, I think together nearly a half year. I got to know many new people, saw nice new spots and places and visited great events.

Afterwards it´s difficult to say what the best journey was, because I remember all in a good mood.

Some highlights were sure the Kitesurfworldcup in SPO, The Buggyworldcup, Getting to know Peter Lynn, the Godfather of Buggying, personally and the Mondial du Vent.

Now it´s time for new objectives. One Intetntion for the next year is to capture much more video footage.

While the Year ends I will be at the Berninapass in Swiss to do snowkiting, as usual.

I which you a nice festive perioud!

Interview Kite and Friends

In the current issue of the Kite and Friends (5/2010) is an three-page interview with me printed.

I took this occasion to create a new category: “Press”. There are beside the Interview also some old reports and pictures online.