Two weeks fun in the Alps

Happy new Year!

The evening of the 26th we packed pascals car to the gills and drove, as every year, to the Berninapass in Swiss for Snowkiting. The Valley welcomed us with -20°, but sun and wind, so we went direct after unpacking the car to the lake and after a proper kitesession we finally hit the pillow.

The next two days were the Swiss SKA Races on our Plan. On the first day was just one race started, which was canceled because of too less wind. The second day were in low till moderate winds 5 races held, which is quite sportive when you´re not used to the thin mountain air.

But my efforts were rewarded and I finished on the 3rd place in Boardrace.

With a clear sky and sun every day and just one day calmness we had good luck with the weather and had much fun and epic sessions on the lake and in the backcountry on the other Bernina.

Just strong wind beyond 15 knots was absent.

With my super funny roommates and all the other kiters in the hotel we had much fun on new years eve and the other evenings.

The 2nd I had to go in much trafficjams out of the alps and into the alps again.

For skiing holidays in Austria with my Family, with much fun and great weather as well, just with not that much Snow as on the Bernina.

What a crazy season

The last year was a success is several ways and just great!

It started with a new Sponsor, Peter Lynn and later Pentax.

I set my sportive goals, Winning the KLB Tour in Race, Reach the top 10 at the Buggyworldcup and enter the Podium at a Buggyevent, and reached it. It´s always a good feeling when you reach your objectives.

I was more on Tour then ever before in one Year, I think together nearly a half year. I got to know many new people, saw nice new spots and places and visited great events.

Afterwards it´s difficult to say what the best journey was, because I remember all in a good mood.

Some highlights were sure the Kitesurfworldcup in SPO, The Buggyworldcup, Getting to know Peter Lynn, the Godfather of Buggying, personally and the Mondial du Vent.

Now it´s time for new objectives. One Intetntion for the next year is to capture much more video footage.

While the Year ends I will be at the Berninapass in Swiss to do snowkiting, as usual.

I which you a nice festive perioud!

Buggy WC De Panne

e Panne welcomed us Monday afternoon with drizzle and calmness, so we entered the team apartments and made ourself comfortable. The next day happened not much beside buggy approval and registration in fact of calmness. Wednesday was the first race day and, why should it come another way, not enough wind. But we had a nice tour driving round 10k´s along the beach nearly to Dunkerque in France. The next morning I looked doubtful out of the window- Wind! This day we could do the maximum of three races in constant middle strong winds. Unfortunately I had a bit bad luck and my harnessline got open in one race.

On Friday it was blowing again, but this time offshore what brings in De Panne through the high rises extreme gusty turbulence winds which means most difficult conditions. The first race went ok for me. In the second race I went before the start back to the gear to downsize my kite. Unfortunately I was much to late and came to the Course when the first in the race had did his first round. I overtook him and finished as 14th. That means I had to round back all other riders. The third race was cancelled when I was on second position. A further highlight was, that I got to know Peter Lynn , because he showed up personally.

Saturday, the last race day was, how should it come different, not enough wind. The framework program with gastronomic rally , live music and a super finish diner was really priceless in my opinion and the organisation was proper as well.

Even the races were much fun for me although the beach was wet, and because the course took place in Belgium and France as Well I crossed the boarder round 50 times.

At the end I became 9th equal on points with the 8th. With less bad luck or more races would have been sure more possible, but my goal, top ten, I still reached. With the German Team, the riders of the other countries and of course with the Lynn team we had piles of fun.

Two videos for all who were there:


And Photos:

Zuparken and Hang Em Higher- 7 days Kitesurfing

I had an epic week and I feel exhausted but happy!
Frieday evening I Arrived the “Zuparken” in Kägsdorf which revaled itself directly as an absolutely superb event. The wind this weekend stayed low but kiteble, Saturday we drove a Downwindrace which I ended up top 5, in the evening the partymarathon again and on Sunday afternoon people could test for some hours once more. The weekend faded away cosy on this great spot.
Monday I drove on to Fehmarn and in the evening the Wind was getting up promising and stayed like this the next two days. With the 10m and even the 8m Charger I boosted myself to the 26th floor and rode the waves in both directions and improved my storm skills- epic sessions! The Thursday was still windy but unfortunately it rained the hole day. In Matter of this I Drove on to Cuxhaven, met some not unknown faces on Friday and could continue kitesurfing. Saturday the sams business, just with the contest. Just Sunday the conditions were pretty afflicted. At least, the party didn´t came to short at the hand em higher ;-) .
The forecast for the next two days looks perfect for Wanlo and in three day´s I go to the KLB comp. in Dornum. It´s always blowing somewhere!
I´ve got no photos yet. Sorry for that!

My second residence- AC AF, backstreet behind the house at the dike in SPO

On Friday i packet the car with a lot of kitestuff and some other fungear and drove off to the Worldcup in SPO. We had a great week there as already the years before! Much wind, even more Kiters, a giant event and at least great party´s and a lot of fun! Wednesday Florian from Berlin came to help me with the Promo. And the week flew by like crazy.

Actually it was my plan to go home after the Worldcup and i also hadn´t packed fot the buggyraces on römö, but much people stayed longer in SPO and i also really enjoyed it there. Luckily i could organize that my buggy was brought to the races on Römö and so i had one more week nearly the same in SPO, just in the Köm and Riff instead of the Worldcup.

On Saturday i drove after really good kitesessions and much fun to the Buggycamp on Römö. The buggybeach welcomed me, as common wet but the wind was good so i went with a bit rain into the danish waves. Unfortunately i received the payback for that much kiting and two weeks with only cheese buns and became sick, but i could cope with that in fact it was not much wind. After some days i was fit again but still not enough wind and a wet beach. I had some sweet landboardsessions and Friday we could drive buggyraces on a dry beach which i won. One day before the beach was still totally wet. Concerning the fact that Römö is dead after 9pm, we had also enough fun in the evening hours.

After one week i went back to SPO and continued then with my tournee resp. One week taking promo tour. I´ve been to Cuxhafen, Schillig, Norddeich, Saaler Bodden, Pepelow, Pelzerhaken, Fehmarn And Laboe. I saw much spots, some of them were really great, the wind was also often on my site and I could also kitesurf by myself. Sunday i drove home from Laboe. After four weeks and some days it´s quite nice to be home. But the day after tomorrow i have to leave again to the KLB Masters in Dornumersiel.

Some pics of the Buggyraces and me with the Stxy during the Worldcup in SPO:

One day and nine hours driving. I can´t believe how much stuff was in my car the last weeks.

Tour #1

I arrived Esbjrerg Tuesday the 15th around midday. After taking a look through the city, I reached the ferry just in time. Beach side I directly went Kitesurfing in nice Conditions with the Charger 10. We had really a great week on Fanö with the Team! Every day good winds with much sun, much Kitesurfing and Landboarding and also Freestylebuggying. The racebuggy was also token time to time. One day was stormy and I was with the 10m Charger in winds till 40 knots as powered as never before! The Kite festival is of course also pretty to watch and we hat much fun in the evenings. All in all a really priceless Midsummer Week. Klick for the PL-News Fanö: Klick

Monday I continued driving over Römö to Sylt for the Kitesurfworldcup. Unfortunately the weather changed and we had one week not enough wind for prudent kitesurfing. Westerland is not the city of my Dreams as well, so I spent the most time with Stand up Paddeling in Sylts waves, and watching the cover events, the Bands, the public viewing and enjoying the Party’s.

On Sunday I was pretty happy to continue my trip to SPO.

Unfortunately the weather didn´t change – hot and windless. One day we went to the cable park, the other days were spent only with Buggying. On Friday the most competitors for the buggyraces arrives and with em my new Vapors :-) .

Clock-like to the buggyraces nice kitesurfwinds came on :-/ and my results were also not really fame worth even I won one race. I ended up the Season on the 5th Place, not podium but okay. The PL news from the races in SPO:  Klick

Now I´m happy to be home after three weeks, and I´m going to continue the built out of my van.

Buggy Photos:


High winds and much fun.
Just some photos from the kitesurftrophy Büsum and people testing the Charger in SPO:

Berlin Tempelhof

Last Weekend was the grand opening of the Airfield Berlin Tempelhof for the public.

We had nice weather but not much wind and space, therefore 200 000 visitors we could show some kite action with buggy, landboard and biiig foils in times of more than zero wind.

Saturday evening we went into Berlins nightlife :)

Here the link to the television cut with nick: klick

And the Lynn news with Fotos: klick

Mondial du Vent

After the much to cold easterraces i drove for one week to the Mondial du Vent in la Franqui for going kitesurfing in warm water and to support the Team from PL frace with ster stand at the event.

Saturday, after a 13 hour 1200 km drive i arrived in sweet warm la franqui.

Saturday morning started good, much wind and sun. After i found and got to know the guys from PL france i went kitesurfing first. I had a good 90 mon session with my charger 10.

The water was 14° but it felt warm for me. Sometimes i also went out in my shorty.

Then wind fropt down and i made a break at the stand. After two houers i could surf back to the beach camping with wind from the other direction.

Next days were against my expections with less wind , so i went buggying and mountainboarding. Isn´t la franqui supposed to be the windiest city of France?

I had some nice Mointainboardsessions in konstant winds und fast buggyrides in the big hard beach, showed kitesurfing in 7 knots with the vapor and visited the stand often.

One day there was no wind so we went wakeboarding.

Ben and Gulhem from Pl france took always care for good french food ( kebap) and nice evening programm.

The last evening i left the beacht early at 7pm and a bit unhappy about the low wind to pack the car. After half an hour i notices that the wind picked up and went back to the beach where the others alredy had much fun.

With the 15m Charger i kitet into sunrise while wind was picking up to 25 knots. It was a super nice session making the whole week worthwile!

So big thanks to Gulhem & Ben and the PL france team for there hospitablety and greetings to the Britany Crew ( Britany, bordeux, trojes, alpes) and the tolouse girls!

Despite less winds it  was an absoulty super week and got to know so many nice peolpe!

Some fotos:


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