e Panne welcomed us Monday afternoon with drizzle and calmness, so we entered the team apartments and made ourself comfortable. The next day happened not much beside buggy approval and registration in fact of calmness. Wednesday was the first race day and, why should it come another way, not enough wind. But we had a nice tour driving round 10k´s along the beach nearly to Dunkerque in France. The next morning I looked doubtful out of the window- Wind! This day we could do the maximum of three races in constant middle strong winds. Unfortunately I had a bit bad luck and my harnessline got open in one race.

On Friday it was blowing again, but this time offshore what brings in De Panne through the high rises extreme gusty turbulence winds which means most difficult conditions. The first race went ok for me. In the second race I went before the start back to the gear to downsize my kite. Unfortunately I was much to late and came to the Course when the first in the race had did his first round. I overtook him and finished as 14th. That means I had to round back all other riders. The third race was cancelled when I was on second position. A further highlight was, that I got to know Peter Lynn , because he showed up personally.

Saturday, the last race day was, how should it come different, not enough wind. The framework program with gastronomic rally , live music and a super finish diner was really priceless in my opinion and the organisation was proper as well.

Even the races were much fun for me although the beach was wet, and because the course took place in Belgium and France as Well I crossed the boarder round 50 times.

At the end I became 9th equal on points with the 8th. With less bad luck or more races would have been sure more possible, but my goal, top ten, I still reached. With the German Team, the riders of the other countries and of course with the Lynn team we had piles of fun.

Two videos for all who were there:


And Photos: