How it Began…

Born in the year when east Germany joined the game,1989,  my early childhood went not that special with Lego Cities and Bobbycarraces.

In Summer 2001 we were on holiday in Zoutelande, where I saw Kitesurfing and Buggying for the first time. It was love at first sign so I bought a foilkite in the kiteshop there wherewith I spent the hole holiday, even beachwalks. Back home I looked for more pull and bought some weeks later a 3m foil. I spent every afternoon going on my skateboard or inlineskates on the local dirtroads, sometimes also the field itself caus I was pretty lightweight that time.

In Spring 02 I tried Buggying what was even more fun and for the summer holiday on Römö I had my first buggy. I spent every free minute kiting and riding and finally I got to know Pascal on my homespot /homefield in autumn 02. We ordered Mountainboards and went often kiting and boarding together.

I put all my money and my time in kiting so in 2004 I was ready for my first buggy race. Races I liked also so I stayed tuned.

For luck my mom, my grandpa and other helpful kiter allowed me to drive to the beach when necessary. Otherwise it would have been impossible for me so thanks a lot!

In 2005 I started with Snowkiting and Kitesurfing  and got my first sponsors to make me that much kiting possible.

Since that not  much has changed except from starting at klb tour now and for luck, I may drive since 07. I try to kite as much as possible and as much events as I can, what is working pretty well.

In future I want to conquer new exotic spots, develop my freestyle skills, kite further enough and keep my bones together.