The last year was a success is several ways and just great!

It started with a new Sponsor, Peter Lynn and later Pentax.

I set my sportive goals, Winning the KLB Tour in Race, Reach the top 10 at the Buggyworldcup and enter the Podium at a Buggyevent, and reached it. It´s always a good feeling when you reach your objectives.

I was more on Tour then ever before in one Year, I think together nearly a half year. I got to know many new people, saw nice new spots and places and visited great events.

Afterwards it´s difficult to say what the best journey was, because I remember all in a good mood.

Some highlights were sure the Kitesurfworldcup in SPO, The Buggyworldcup, Getting to know Peter Lynn, the Godfather of Buggying, personally and the Mondial du Vent.

Now it´s time for new objectives. One Intetntion for the next year is to capture much more video footage.

While the Year ends I will be at the Berninapass in Swiss to do snowkiting, as usual.

I which you a nice festive perioud!