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Not much kiting went on the last weeks

After Wanlo, which finished this really busy and crazy season I taught it would be nice to have a little kite break of maybe two weeks. It lastet for 5 days, then I was totally hungry for the next session.

Unfortunately the weather didn´t allow much kiting. Since the KLB in Wanlo i´ve just been kiting three times, and never fully powered. We had nearly calmness or totally gusty 40+ knots winds, and then neither enough snow for snowkiting nor allowing landboarding.

So I spent my time with working, learning and my friends at home.

Last weekend I went with a group of landboarders, Pascal, Emma, Passi, Maik & Flo to the dutch landboard championchip in Ijmuiden, trying to kick the dutchees ass.

The forecast look promising, but it didn´t keep right.

After getting up at 5am, Ijmuiden was grey and in snowrain and cold when we arrived. The wind was light and offshore the hole weekend.

Saturday we did freeriding on the hard beach and hanging out, because the organisator decided it was not enough for competition. The evening we spent in a nice flat mike organiced, eating pizza and drinking beer.

Sunday then the same game, just with some more sun. Then we headed home.

So i´m sad that I couldn´t capture much footage with my pentax toy till now.

Hopefully the weather is kindly with us, and allows landboarding or snowkiting soon.

A few pics from Ijmuiden:

German Champion KLB Race, Wanlo

I managed it! I´m Gearman Champion in KLB Race. I´d like to thank my sponsors, especially Peter Lynn, for making me possible to reach this goal.
But let´s go two days back first. It´s Friday evening, continuous raining, and I´m driving, despite of the horrible weather forecast, to Wanlo. Nevertheless everybody is in a good mood and we have a nice opening party.
The next day starts with a weather wonder. It stops to rain and some wind comes up, so that freestyle can be started. I´ve picked no easy batch with Lennart van Schuilenberg and was kicked out in my first heat of the singles, after I had no time to make a warm up ride. Luckily it didn´t stayed like that, in the double elimination I won 5 heats, this time even against Lennart, and just had
to abandon the field in the half final against the German champ Yannick. Saturday evening the Freestyle winners were rewarded. In the weekendranking in became 4th, and 3rd German. In the Overall rank I ended on the 5th place behind team mate Romain, and 4th German. Congrats to the Winners Yannick, Emmanuel and Joey!
Afterwards was, as always in Wanlo, the party way celebrated.
Sunday the weather luck was overstrunged, and in fact of low winds and rain no race could be started at all. But I could figure out in the Test rounds, that also the Speed 21 is no risk for me.
The Race Tour Winners were rewarded, after I won all Stops I had a serious lead before Pascal(3rd) and Yannick(2nd) and am now German Champion.

Fotos from Maik Schmidt, incredible Rainer Keller / and me.

New Sponsor



Today, just in time for Wanlo, was a packet delivered.


_ __________

A Pentax Outdoor cam and the suiting camrig.


I´m happy to be sponsored by Pentax from now on.

With the water-resistant and shockproof W90, I´m gonna try much shot selections and collect sedulous footage.

Backcountry race Kitearea

My weekend started at 5 am, pack the car, catch up pascal and head to Münsterappel, and this after repairing my buggy seat till late at night. After our arrival the wind was not strong first, but then it boosted up till sometimes 7bft, as the forecast promised. The startfield was with several master riders pretty competitive. On Saturday we drove four fast short races, which were really fun. Temporary the gusts were so strong that we couldn´t start. At the evening after the races we had a quick Mountainboard session.

Sunday the wind was gone, it was nearly calm. In the afternoon a little bit of wind came up and two light wind races were started. After the last race I flew out of my buggy which drove cheerful without me towards the valley, and came to stop just after hundrets of meters. After this it was calmness again. I became second, Pascal was not to beat, Dominik v.B. became 3rd and Sascha barely missed the podium.

Next weekend it goes on in Wanlo!

Great Photos from the house and court photograph Rainer Keller/