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Interview Kite and Friends

In the current issue of the Kite and Friends (5/2010) is an three-page interview with me printed.

I took this occasion to create a new category: “Press”. There are beside the Interview also some old reports and pictures online.

Much rain, wind and a first place in race at the KLB Dornum

Just minutes after my arrival my car got stuck deeply on the wet camping grass and I had to persevere in a sloping position till Saturday morning. The weather was as the forecast promised with showers of rain and freshen winds the whole day. We started with two races, then the single elimination and upcoming the double was started which took time till the evening because the rain breaks. Unfortunately I had to compete against my Teammate Romain two times. In the Single I endet up third, but the double kicked me back to the fourth Place unfortunately. In the evening most riders came together in the Kites and Coffee Tent as already the evening before. After a Night with even more rain the grasspot was extremely wet Sunday morning, but the rain was gone for the moment so the outstanding three races were started. The slippy ground and gusty wind demanded the riders much. On the upwind courses I could expand my leading and so I won in the race judging once more. In face I was pretty ill i´m really happy with the results and look after this weekend forward to my dry home and a long hot shower.

News on the Lynn Website: Klick

And photos from the World best Photograph Rainer Keller/

Zuparken and Hang Em Higher- 7 days Kitesurfing

I had an epic week and I feel exhausted but happy!
Frieday evening I Arrived the “Zuparken” in Kägsdorf which revaled itself directly as an absolutely superb event. The wind this weekend stayed low but kiteble, Saturday we drove a Downwindrace which I ended up top 5, in the evening the partymarathon again and on Sunday afternoon people could test for some hours once more. The weekend faded away cosy on this great spot.
Monday I drove on to Fehmarn and in the evening the Wind was getting up promising and stayed like this the next two days. With the 10m and even the 8m Charger I boosted myself to the 26th floor and rode the waves in both directions and improved my storm skills- epic sessions! The Thursday was still windy but unfortunately it rained the hole day. In Matter of this I Drove on to Cuxhaven, met some not unknown faces on Friday and could continue kitesurfing. Saturday the sams business, just with the contest. Just Sunday the conditions were pretty afflicted. At least, the party didn´t came to short at the hand em higher ;-) .
The forecast for the next two days looks perfect for Wanlo and in three day´s I go to the KLB comp. in Dornum. It´s always blowing somewhere!
I´ve got no photos yet. Sorry for that!


Benjamin from resp. PL France created a really nice Video. I take also part in it. Check it out!