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KLB Münsterappel

Only 5 days home, then drove frieday afternoon again. This time to the first tourstop of the klb tour in münsterappel.

After a nice evening with the Lynn team the Saturday started with much sun and not much absolutly termical on off wind. With a not really big course and 18 started not really easy conditions, but thats the was i like it!

Saturday we had 3 races, and i flew the vapor 11 in every race. It went pretty well for me.

The evening was quite conftable with buffet and drinks.

Sunday similar wind conditions just with stronger gusts.

At first we had the two outstanding races which i won and after we even could start freestyle.

In my first heat i lost a screw and had to switch my board. And immediatly i lost.

First the winner round was finished, then looser round startet but it had to be canceled bevore i flew out after a while because wind dropped down so i camt to 5th place in freestyle.

In Race i won. Now i have to cure my burned skin :)

Some fotos of the weekend(Fotos from Rainer Keller/, thanks!)  :


Mondial du Vent

After the much to cold easterraces i drove for one week to the Mondial du Vent in la Franqui for going kitesurfing in warm water and to support the Team from PL frace with ster stand at the event.

Saturday, after a 13 hour 1200 km drive i arrived in sweet warm la franqui.

Saturday morning started good, much wind and sun. After i found and got to know the guys from PL france i went kitesurfing first. I had a good 90 mon session with my charger 10.

The water was 14° but it felt warm for me. Sometimes i also went out in my shorty.

Then wind fropt down and i made a break at the stand. After two houers i could surf back to the beach camping with wind from the other direction.

Next days were against my expections with less wind , so i went buggying and mountainboarding. Isn´t la franqui supposed to be the windiest city of France?

I had some nice Mointainboardsessions in konstant winds und fast buggyrides in the big hard beach, showed kitesurfing in 7 knots with the vapor and visited the stand often.

One day there was no wind so we went wakeboarding.

Ben and Gulhem from Pl france took always care for good french food ( kebap) and nice evening programm.

The last evening i left the beacht early at 7pm and a bit unhappy about the low wind to pack the car. After half an hour i notices that the wind picked up and went back to the beach where the others alredy had much fun.

With the 15m Charger i kitet into sunrise while wind was picking up to 25 knots. It was a super nice session making the whole week worthwile!

So big thanks to Gulhem & Ben and the PL france team for there hospitablety and greetings to the Britany Crew ( Britany, bordeux, trojes, alpes) and the tolouse girls!

Despite less winds it  was an absoulty super week and got to know so many nice peolpe!

Some fotos:

Eastern SPO

Eastern in SPO

Last weekend we were in Sankt Peter Odring for german buggy cmampionchips, the fist beach event this year. Saturday we had 4 races with much cold east wind.

After playing into the easter night, on sunday it went good for my during the 5th race with low wind, i was ruling but it was canceled because of too much chaos.

On Monday there were Tandem races where Seabstian and me ended up 3rd place having as mich points as place 2.

Some Fotos: